May 19

Release date: October 11, 1955
Location & Time: Winn Room at the Coronado Public Library 1:00 pm
Runtime: 2 hours, 28 minutes
Director: Fred Zinnemann
Produced: Arthur Hornblow Jr.
Starring: Gordon MacRae, Gloria Grahame, Gene Nelson, Charlotte Greenwood, Shirley Jones, Eddie Albert
Synopsis: This joyous celebration of frontier life combines tender romance and violent passion in the Oklahoma Territory of the 1900s with a timeless score filled with unforgettable songs. Rodgers and Hammerstein’s hit Broadway musical.

Open to any upper middle and high school students attending public schools, charter or parochial schools, and homeschoolers. We welcome all students to attend and join post-screening moderated discussion.  This launch of the program was made possible with seed funding from the City of Coronado Community grant. 

Two purposes will guide the program:

1) To develop in young people the discernment necessary to understand dramatic film narratives. Because movies employ so many senses, classic films are among the most powerful genres of visual storytelling.  The program will introduce young people classic movies, made by recognized masters of the film medium. 

2) to challenge young people to analyze dramatic film narratives and hone critical thinking skills. Every dramatic narrative is, in its essence, a story of redemption. Great stories incorporate an introduction, a protagonist, an antagonist, and some form of conflict. Great stories conclude when these conflicts are resolved. This general narrative model is followed, in various forms, in nearly every classic film made during Hollywood’s Golden Age.  


A special program will be made available for Homeschoolers or independent study to document program completion as a drama and/or film appreciation elective. 

The discussion guides are drawn from Dr. Onalee McGraw, founder of the Educational Guidance Institute (EGI) and a former educator. She has been featured on Turner Classic Movies, and her Classic Film study guides have been used successfully with audiences of young people around the nation from widely diverse demographic backgrounds and cultural experiences.  If you would like more information on bringing a group or class and utilize the guided curriculum please contact Jon Mosier for more information: .

ABOUT JON MOSIER Director of the Classic Student Program. 

 Jon Mosier was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. A Naval Aviator who served in Patrol Aviation, he was first ordered to Coronado in 1996 as Depot Maintenance Officer on the Naval Air Forces Staff. Once he and wife Sylvia settled in here, they loved Coronado so much that they never left.  By the luck of the detailers, Jon served in a variety of San Diego based commands until his retirement from active duty in 2008. He then accepted a civilian position as Naval Air Forces Aviation Security Specialist, responsible for manning, training, and equipping all Naval Aviation security forces. Since retiring from Civil Service in 2020, Jon has devoted his life to community service. He currently serves as First Vice President of the Downtown San Diego Host Lions Club. Jon and Sylvia have two daughters they’ve raised in Coronado; their eldest, Ellie graduated in 2020 from Coronado High School (CHS), and currently a junior at UC Davis. Their younger daughter, Natalie is now a Senior at CHS.  Jon’s son, Cary graduated from Coronado High in 2002 and is a successful restauranteur in Los Angeles. He operates Highly Likely, an all-day café located in the West Adams neighborhood, between Culver City and the USC Campus, with another location scheduled to open in 2023 

Jon is a long-time devotee of Classic Hollywood films. He developed the Student Classic Film Program as a fellowship Capstone Project in collaboration with Dr. Onalee McGraw at the Educational Guidance Institute. As Jon puts it, “The Student Classic Film Program is purposefully designed to engage the hearts and minds of young people, enrich their cultural literacy and strengthen their understanding of film as art, “

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