The 2022 Coronado Student Classic Film Study Program
Courage and Community

The Coronado Island Film Festival in partnership with Jonathan Mosier is proud to announce the first season of an exciting new CIFF program specifically serving High School and Middle School age young people. The Student Classic Film Program 

will screen and facilitate guided discussions of eight great classic films made during Hollywood’s Golden Age at the Vintage Village Theatre. 

Two purposes will guide the program:

Purpose 1) To develop in young people the discernment necessary to understand dramatic film narratives. Because movies employ so many senses, classic films are among the most powerful genres of visual storytelling.  The program will share with young people classic movies, made by recognized masters of the film medium, as they were meant to be seen, in community, on the big screen; guided discussions of these great films promises to make this exciting and memorable film study program.  

Purpose 2) to challenge young people to analyze dramatic film narratives employing prototypical ethical truths. Every dramatic narrative is, in its essence, a story of redemption. Great stories incorporate an introduction, a protagonist, an antagonist, and some form of conflict. Great stories conclude when these conflicts are resolved. This general narrative model is followed, in various forms, in nearly every classic film made during Hollywood’s Golden Age.  Conflict resolution in classic films is characterized by selflessness, virtue and good being rewarded; selfishness, vice and evil are thwarted.  

The first annual Coronado Classic Film Study program will begin in February 2022 and run for four consecutive months through the end of May 2022. The program will screen 2 films per month on alternating Saturday Mornings at Coronado’s Village Theater from 9 AM to 11:30 AM. 

CIFF’s Coronado Classic Film Study Program is open to middle and high school students attending local public schools, charter or parochial schools, and Homeschoolers.


A special program will be made available for Homeschoolers to document program completion as a drama and/or film appreciation elective. 

The program is based on the life’s work of Dr. Onalee McGraw, founder of the Educational Guidance Institute (EGI). Dr. McGraw’s Classic Film study guides have been used successfully with audiences of young people around the nation from widely diverse demographic backgrounds and cultural experiences.  If you would like more information on bringing a group or class and utilize the guided curriculum please contact Jon Mosier for more information: 

Registration MUST be in the students name.

Scholarships are available upon request to accommodate student with a financial hardship.  We do not want anyone to miss out!

++This study program was made possible through seed funding from a Community Grant from the City of Coronado.


February 6 – May 21

Village Theater

820 Orange Ave. Coronado, CA 29118

Each screening starts at 9am and ends at 11:30am

  • Package for All 8 Screenings: $100
  • Package for 1st Quarter session, 4 Screenings: $55
  • Package for 2nd Quarter session, 4 Screenings: $55
  • Single Tickets available for $15

1st Quarter


1) Casablanca Saturday February 5th


2) A Raisin in the Sun Saturday February 19th


3) The Quiet Man Saturday March 5th 

4) 12 Angry Men Saturday March 19th

2nd Quarter


1) Meet John Doe  Saturday April 2rd


2) Double Indemnity Saturday April 16th


3) On the Waterfront May 7th


4) Roman Holiday May 21st

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